Lisa Acri, Treasurer

Lisa Acri is a certified public accountant.  She opened her own firm, Lisa Acri CPA & Associates Inc. in 2006.  Her experiences in opening an office proved Murphy’s Law – if anything can go wrong – it will.  Opening her own firm, incorporating her business, hiring (and firing) employees has made her a much better resource for her small business clients and a much stronger woman.

Lisa was a late bloomer to public accounting and didn’t get her CPA until she was 40!  Before that, her love of art, writing and music and her desire to help women kept her working in the non-profit world including Girls Inc. of Denver Colorado.

Lisa still works for the good of women.  She has been proud to serve Central PA Female Executives Association as the Finance Chair and on the Board of Directors.  She also volunteered teaching a reading and writing workshop at Dauphin County Prison for ten years where she brought poetry and stories to women in hopes it would help them find a way to rise up, embrace their power and change their lives.