FAQ – Life Coaching

What is a Life Coach? 

  • Life coaches are certified instructors who help you achieve your personal goals (coaches are NOT therapists).   
  • Life Coaches are mentors who offer you support and guidance. 
  • Life Coaches help you deal with your unique experiences and reality.  
  • Life Coaches help you develop life skills to lead a more productive life. 

 What does Life Coaching look like? 

  • At PAIRWN, you will be matched with a certified life coach who understands your culture and background. 
  • Life coaching sessions are one-on-one, woman-to-woman, and take place in a safe and secure environment. 
  • Life Coaching is personalized and designed to fit your schedule and needs.  

What are sessions like? 

  • On average, sessions run for about one hour, once a week for 6 weeks with topics ranging from securing employment to housing, and anything in between.  
  • Sessions consist of talking with your life coach, exploring your strengths and blocks, participating in activities and worksheets to resolve issues, and much more, with a focus on the present and future.  
  • Session 1 focuses on getting to know the client, 2 is goal setting and building motivation, 3 is overcoming obstacles, 4 is self-care, 5 is relationships, and 6 focuses on career. 

Do I qualify? 

  • Immigrant and refugee women who have at one time experienced domestic abuse, sexual violence or stalking, qualify for FREE life coaching from PAIRWN.  
  • Childcare, interpretation, and transportation is available

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How life coaching can help you

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